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Enables home shoppers to make an all cash offer ensuring fast closing of deals with a traditional mortgage for the buyer on the backend.

Alice helps you grow your small business by connecting you with the professional services you need to succeed and streamline your operations.

Apero combines a team of billing experts, maching learning, and next-gneeration data science. The practice can focus on their patients while Apero bills correctly for every payer and every plan.

BuyMeACoffee allows content creators to make direct connections with their fans. This creator platform allows for donations, memberships, and the sale of extras to engage fans and monetize in a manner traditional platforms are not built for.

Credder is keeping news honest with the world’s largest news review platform. Like “Rotten Tomatoes for news”, Credder aggregates article reviews from verified journalists (Critic Score) and the public (Public Score) into overall credibility scores for each article, author, and outlet.

Everyone can turn their ideas into reality with the Draftbit software. They enable any team to create applications so that the creative team and the technical team can build their next product seamlessly.

Geosite gives organizations the ability to coordinate and maintain clarity on operations with satellites, drone imagery, and IOT devices. Whether it be technology, defense, or the energy sector the Geosite team can dramatically increase operational efficiency.

GraphAudio leverages advances in Graphene technology to allow for the highest fidelity sound technology on the planet.

Handle lowers hard costs for suppliers and construction companies as they manage invoice tracking, collections, lien filing, and administrative compliance. Handle will not only provide the confidence you will get paid for your work but also provide funding lines of credit for their customers.

KiwiBot is the robotic delivery service built for your service business that will complete the last mile delivery problem with ever decreasing cost. They are a turn-key robotic delivery service ready for your restaurant chain, delivery app, or government that seeks to drive their costs down.

NoCap allows audiences of any size to virtually attend concerts at classic venues with 1st class artists. It further allows these performing artists to infinitely scale their audience. No longer are they limited by the venue size with how many fans they can reach.

Pathwater is eliminating the plastic bottle problem for your community and the whole world. Their aluminum water bottles can be found for sale globally and revolutionizing the way we look at water and its impact.

The platform offers data driven esports streaming to brands seeking advertising & sponsorship opportunities. Pillar creates the direct connection so that streamers are able to efficiently work with world-class brands.

Proof is creating the institutional brokerage of the future that values transparency and truth in trade execution.

Voiceitt will leverage its powerful speech recognition technology to support spoken communication and increase the independence for people of all abilities.